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BREAKING NEWS: South Korea Bans the Dog Meat Trade

In a move that has animal rights activists around the world jumping for joy, South Korea has taken dog meat off the menu. A historic vote at the National Assembly resulted in a unanimous verdict, with 208 votes in favour of the ban. Under the new legislation, which will come into force in six months’ time, the trade will be slowly phased out over the next three years. According to the ban, there will be no punishment for the consumption of dog meat, but anyone found participating in the breeding, slaughter, or sale of dogs for human consumption could face imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of up to 30 million KRW.

It’s a victory for South Koreans and their canine companions alike; according to a poll by Humane Society International, only a small percentage of South Korea’s 53 million strong population eats dog, with 86% stating that they had no plans to do so in the future, and the majority supporting a ban. With more of the younger generation welcoming dogs into their homes as pets, the popularity of dog meat is already at an all-time low. The bill will still need to be officially approved by South Korean President, Yoon Suk Yeol, but as an animal lover himself, who has adopted dogs and eight cats and has already spoken out against animal cruelty, the result is almost guaranteed.


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