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Big Dog Ranch Rescue is on a Mission to Save Canines in Texas Border Crisis

The shelter has issued an urgent plea for donations as thousands of dogs are left abandoned by migrants

Photo by Big Dog Ranch Rescue

The migration tragedy at the Texas-Mexico border is not just about humans anymore. Thousands of dogs have been left abandoned to roam the streets. These dogs are exposed to extreme temperatures, starvation and even the threat of being hit by cars, shot, or hacked by machetes. Big Dog Ranch Rescue has stated that donations from the public are a lifeline for the dogs, having just returned from their most recent border mission.

‘We discovered an entire shanty town of over 70,000 migrants living in squalor at Colony Ridge outside of Houston, Texas,’ they said in a recent statement. ‘A city the size of Washington, D.C. has sprung up along with third world living conditions. Abandoned dogs are starving and freezing. Moms are trying to protect their pups and corpses of dead dogs are everywhere. Americans love dogs and we cannot let these dogs die in front of our eyes.’

‘We wish we could have got here sooner,’ said President and Founder Lauree Simmons, mourning the loss of a dog the mission was too late to save.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in the USA. As well as their efforts at the Texas border, they are also conducting rescues from conflicts in Ukraine, the dog meat trade in Asia, the world of puppy mills and disasters in Puerto Rico. The shelter has also provided relief from numerous natural disasters, COVID, and underfunding of shelters in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Below is a list of the finances they need in order to continue their Texas-border efforts.


What donations can do:

$1,000: Transports 10 dogs to safety and gives them the chance to be adopted.

$2,500: Buys 40 bags of food to feed hundreds of starving border dogs.

$5,000: Provides medical care for dogs hit by cars, machetes, and suffering other trauma.

$10,000: Finances a shed to shelter dogs from the cold and provide a safe holding place.

$25,000: Sends a rescue team to pick up 100+ dogs/puppies and vet them to be ready for adoption.

$50,000: Helps sponsor a spay / neuter van to stop roadside births.



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