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Moncler Bans Fur From 2024

In an encouraging step for foxes and minks, Moncler has joined the battle against fur in the fashion industry. The Franco-Italian house has become the latest to ban fur from its products, pledging not to sell it from early 2024. Animal rights advocates around the world have celebrated this as an ethical win, while the company itself has highlighted the ban as being ‘consistent with [Moncler’s] ongoing commitment to responsible business practices.’

This development has followed a string of luxury fashion houses going fur free, including Canada Goose, which has attracted major press attention over the years, as well as high-end brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, Valentino and Armani. The popularity of fur is at an all time low, and with growing awareness from the public, the pressure is on for other brands to follow suit.

‘We are thrilled that Moncler will stop sourcing new fur this year as part of a constructive engagement with Italian animal protection group LAV, a representative of the Fur Free Alliance,’ said Claire Bass, Executive Director of the Humane Society International, when the ban was first announced. ‘As another major brand makes the sustainable and compassionate decision to end all involvement in this cruel trade, we urge the UK government to reflect public and corporate opinion and bring forward legislation to ban the sale and import of fur.’

Last year, Four Paws International estimated that around 69% of luxury brands across the world have now removed fur from their clothing, leaving those who support the cruel practice in the minority. Thomas Pietsch, Four Paws Head of Wild Animals in Entertainment and Textiles said:

‘Over the past years there has been a tidal wave of support from iconic fashion brands from across the world ending their association of selling fur alongside calling for the banning of fur, furthering animal welfare and taking up sustainable practices. Brands that are continuing to support anti-welfare customs are now in the minority and on the wrong side of history, with now an estimated 69% of the most renowned luxury brands having already moved beyond fur by adopting fur-free policies.’

Naturally, this is yet another small step in the right direction, and there is still a long way to go for animal welfare around the world. For those looking for a Kind Winter Wardrobe this season, Four Paws has a great shopping guide for Winter 2023/2024.


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