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Gromit the Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language

In a heartwarming piece of news, a deaf bulldog cross from the Scottish SPCA has found his forever home. Gromit the young bulldog cross spent 142 days at the Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre, where he had socialisation, daily walks and even some training in sign language incorporated into his daily routine.

Credit: Scottish SPCA

According to Regional Operations Lead (North East Scotland), Rachael MacLean, Gromit has a ‘playful and boisterous nature’ and enjoys the company of other dogs. She commented:

‘Gromit loves to play and have fun. This big bouncy boy doesn't realise his size sometimes and can be a bit of a bulldozer, but he never fails to put a smile on all our faces with his funny antics! The team in Dundee have been working on Gromit’s training and have even implemented some sign language training which he loves!’

Credit: Scottish SPCA

Despite his friendly nature, Gromit’s relatively long stay at the shelter raised concerns for staff, who saw little interest in the dog from visitors. At the beginning of December, they launched a public appeal, which was so effective that the young bulldog found a new home within the month. ‘He’s a fantastic dog,’ MacLean surmised at the end of the appeal, ‘and would make someone a very lucky owner.’

Things have ended happily for Gromit, who is settling in well at his new home and is no longer up for adoption. But there are still plenty of dogs available, including Jet, Joe and Heidi. If you’re interested in rehoming an animal and want to know what it involves, you can find more information on the Scottish SPCA website.


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