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Moose Chases Skiers Down a Mountain in Wyoming

‘Heads up! Moose!’ Skiers film a surprise encounter with Mother Nature


In a move that astonished the skiers of Teton County, Wyoming, a moose decided to run alongside them as they raced down the slopes. The encounter was caught on camera by Kenny Rynearson, who raised the alarm and then filmed the animal running down the slope behind him.

‘To see that animal was pretty awesome,’ said a member of the group. ‘I’ve never seen them gallop like that. They’re huge!’

Moose can grow up to seven feet tall, weighing 1,500 pounds and reaching speeds of 35mph. They can also be very territorial. Snowboarder Bill Foley described the experience on Good Morning America, saying:

‘I caught a little bit of air and the moose was within 10 feet of me. I was moving pretty fast. In the moment [I was] more surprised, knowing that those types of animals can be very aggressive.’

Cheyenne Stewart, Wildlife Management Coordinator at Wyoming Game & Fish Department, said that it was not uncommon for moose to be seen in recreational areas like this, as these locations are where they spend their whole winter and find food. ‘It can feel dangerous,’ she said of the encounters. ‘It can feel scary and threatening and kind of aggressive. But usually, moose are reacting defensively to the situation.’

Thankfully, the moose changed direction after a short time and there were no injuries.


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