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Meet Mthetho: The Miracle Rhino Calf up for Adoption

Helping Rhinos charity cares for Mthetho, whose name means justice in isiXhosa


In 2019, registered charity Helping Rhinos welcomed its newest member into the fold. Rhino calf Mthetho was born to Thandi, who had already given birth to Thembi in 2015 and Colin in 2017. She was spotted with her newborn calf by the Kariega Field Guides, who were delighted by the new addition.

Mthetho’s birth is especially significant as it may never have happened at all. Thandi, whose name means ‘love’, survived a horrific attack by poachers during which two rhino bulls were killed. After a long and painful recovery, Thandi survived to live on as a normal rhino – albeit without her horn. Years later, Mthetho was born in the same week as members of the notorious Ndlovo gang were each given 25-year jail terms. Having been responsible for many poaching incidents in the Eastern Cape, it is possible that these members were also the culprits behind the attack on Thandi herself. Since Mthetho, Thandi has welcomed a fourth calf, Siya and a fifth calf, Zolandi into the world, and the public have been invited to sponsor the family.

Helping Rhinos is one of the most well-known rhino charities in the world, partly due to its iconic members. For the past ten years, the charity has been helping their African partners preserve or develop habitats, protect rhinos from poaching, sustain the species with on-the-ground projects and educate the public on the importance of rhino conservation. The charity also has a number of orphaned rhino calves available for adoption, including Griffin a white rhino who was born in October, 2023, Samson, who was born in March, and Grumilo, who was born in February. Helping Rhinos has a full list of calves who are up for adoption on their website.

Orphaned rhino calf, Griffin. Photo credit: Helping Rhinos


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